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Collective message 14 Mar 2022

Collective message today: Life changing healing takes place, resulting restoration of peace to the mind, body and soul As the cards displayed, just say yes to -Read More »
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Collective message 07 March 2022

Collective message today: Healing is part of the journey. 👉From the physical to emotional, spiritual and mental. 🍀Healing brings awakening.🍀Healing births or realisation to attachments that weighRead More »
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Collective Reading 06 Feb 2022

A random message today Entering into the New Moon and heading slowly and steadily into Full Moon in Leo, strength is felt and “Release” is theRead More »
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Collective message 02 Feb 2022

Collective message today  It’s a day after the New Moon in Aquarius, Chinese New Year: Tiger. I’m feeling the shift of peace, perfect stillness andRead More »
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Collective Message 24 Jan 2022

Collective message today I feel for everyone that energy has been shifting and awakening dawns on you 💖 It feels alien 💖 It feels raw💖 It feelsRead More »
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Collective message 21 Jan 2022

Thank you for being patient with me. I’ve posted this collective message today a tad late… Let’s get into it… Whatever holds you back will beRead More »
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