Spiritual Healing

In this page shows the tools I use for spiritual healing either in person or via Zoom.

This is my singing bowl that I had for over 15 years.
The sound is a baritone and it realigns my chakras.
The softness and gentleness of the ringing helps calming anxious mind down very quickly. This is especially helpful for people who cannot stay focus, feeling panicky or easily get frustrated and angry
I use my customized smudge to clean the space when my client is with me doing healing.
Using different herbs, spices and flowers, I call in Mother Earth, who nourishes us from spirituality to physically, to support, uplift and assist my clients to discharge any negative energies, mindset and behaviours that do not belong or no longer serve them. 
Lastly is my Black Obsidian Sphere. <
I use this to cleanse the sacred space of my clients and to expel any energies that do not belong to us when I do the healing work.
It opens up the heart chakra.
This helps to give permission to self to allow healing to take place, to recover from hurt and traumas.

This is the introduction of how I do my healing work and what my tools can do and offer for my clients. Give yourself permission to heal. It is your birth rights to be well and healthy from inside out.

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