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I had always been intuitive since a child. I did not explore this part of me for many years as it seemed all so foreign to me. There is no know-how, no school to teach children an understanding on this aspect of life. As I grew older, my intuition sharpened and I realised, after a few near death experiences, that this was my calling: to heal, to help and to serve.

My clients and my friends ask me this question:
– How do I marry my psychic abilities with my cooking skills to support the community?
– How do they work together?

Answering the 2 questions, I believe that being psychic, channeling from spirit guides and getting guidance is as important to use food as medicine to heal the mind, body and soul. Using holistic ways to bring ourselves back to Earth, to ground ourselves and feel safe in our own skin are so neglected that people often find themselves lost in many ways, feeling distressed and unworthy.

I have been there, done that. It was never easy. Sometimes, I felt as if I am lapsing back to my old ways. However, I know by being in control through mediation, mindful eating and making way for my heart space is the key to be there within myself, to be able to make the rightful decisions for me and to path out my unique walk for this journey of mine.

From my own personal experiences, I want to SERVE and SUPPORT my community this way. It is about getting the tools to empower self, gaining confidence and being proud of being the true you so that you KNOW you are able to take it with you, use it for your lifetime. I cannot express it enough.

Link with me by dropping me an email with your email address. Allow me to take your journey higher, with better quality and giving clarity to you. I will see you there

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I have recently had the privilege of receiving a psychic, mediumship reading from Ke Yi Chua at KC “The Gemini”.She brings a warm and compassionate nature to her interactions while providing accurate readings.Her lighthearted demeanor within the session was instantly felt and would put anyone at ease. I respect her as a fellow professional and would happily refer her business and services to others. With gratitude
Danielle Mickan
Divine Connections
I was recommended by a friend to see KC due to health issue. The things that KC said to me, the insights she had on my family, our relationship, our health are spot on. I was totally amazed with her ability to be able to know us so accurately when we have never met before. Having the time with KC was eyes opening, she has helped me see and approach my challenges differently. I have incorporated her advices in our daily routine and have noticed a great improvement in our health and lifestyle. I think KC’s way is very empowering and has personally helped me make better choice for myself and my family
Amy Choo
I came across to KC by reaching out to a wrong number. We had an interesting conversation over the phone, She can almost give me answers before I even asked her. After learned that she has the gift of reading energy and offering holistic healing advices, I mentioned my mum’s leg pain that we have been struggling to find medical diagnosis for. She intuitively told me what she thought the issues are, so I brought my mum to see her. The session of fascinating and during the session we witnessed her medium ability as she connected to my grandma, and provided us with information that someone outside of the family would never know. A few weeks after my mum’s experience with KC, I asked her to give a reading to me about my lack of sensoring and taste issue that has been annoying to me for over a year now on and off. She told me that she sees black patch between my eyebrows, and suggested me to get a scan to further check it out. I went to my GP to ask for a CT scan, surprisingly the result showed my sinus was blocked by non-clear mucus. KC has advised me to drink a special tea made by a mixture of many different natural herbs. Surprisingly, after a week taking them, I felt a lot better with my sensoring. KC is certainly gifted and very dedicated and very genuine in helping people.
Wendy Hughes
Dear KC, Thank you for sharing messages from my late Nana, and for your insights about which career choice I should take. I really valued your advice.
I first heard about KC when I went for a salt therapy session. I was going through a really rough time with my business and health so I thought I would give her services a go to help my mind frame. From the moment I sat down with her, she helped centre everything for me and reinforce that I’m on the right track. She offered to come to my business to do an energy smudging session. She pinpointed all the areas that needed attention and helped me reorganise the feng shui in my business to bring through positive energy and release toxicity. Since she came not only have I seen the spirits of my team completely lift but the whole energy of the business feels a lot lighter and the quality of what we are providing has been a lot higher and everyone’s attitude not just the teams but also the clients has been incredibly positive and everyone is loving the change I’ve made in the business. I’m truly grateful for KC. She has really helped clear the toxic energy that lingered and has really opened the path for the business to grow.
I had a session/reading with Ke Yi Chua and it was a sublime experience. She shared messages about my health, which I have been struggling with for years. She shared even details about my digestive system. We haven’t seen each other before so it was mind blowing. She was very compassionate, loving, supportive, delicate and assertive. She has a strong knowledge in Chinese Medicine also. I loved how she channeled all my messages. I hope you have the privileged to have a session with her. Thank you Ke Yi Chua for your generosity and wisdom 💛✨✨✨
Alicia Markowitz Pérez-Esteban
Florida US
My inner voice told me to look for wholistic therapy for unknown skin rashes. KC provided me a safe and warm space for consultation. She tought me how to meditate and channel to my intuition for healing, she gave me very clear instructions and shared her knowledge about wholistic healthy food methods. From the consultant to the healing process was amazing and soothing. I've learned so much from KC. Growing up in a natural therapy family, I believe by following the wholistic therapy is the best way to heal. I know I come to the right place 🙏🙏
Yilo Chiu