Psychic Readings

People ask me: “How do you actually do psychic readings? What tools do you use for your psychic reading?”

On this page, I will show you the oracle decks I use for my psychic readings. I resonate a lot with them and I find them helpful.

They show me the words, signs and images suitable for the situation/space when I am with my client.

This is my first oracle deck: Green Witch Oracle.
The definition on each card shouts out to me what the client needs to know.
Images can also be part of the channeled messages to support the client’s journey during the reading.

It can also represent food that the client needs to support the body system.
It depends on individual readings and therefore there is no same message from the same card with different client.

This is Goddess Love Oracle Deck.

I read from the images from the cards.
It can be the energy from the cards, colour of the cards, animals that are shown on the cards or even the meaning representing each card.
This deck holds high feminine energy on the overall. To me, it represents the strength of a mother who wants to support her child.

I use the Essential Oils Healing Oracle to help me dive deep into my client’s space.

There may be pressing/urgent matters that require attention and to rectify.

It also shows up the current space my client is in and using these herbs and spices to cleanse away negative energies or energies that do not belong.

The Sacred Light Oracle Deck helps to bring better clarity for my clients.
It explains through the images of people, animals and background portrayed and  words explained on individual cards.

The empowerment of the cards is to reflect strengths and areas to work on for my clients.

For me, this deck is very easy to use and understand the channeled messages from my spirit guides.

The Work Your Light Oracle Deck has different questions and affirmations in its ways to bring soulful clarity to my clients.

Although the imaginary on this deck is very abstract,  when I channel into the cards, messages flow in like streams of water.

They show the deepest concern of the client and the space the client currently hold. The words on this oracle deck support and show the client their possibility of reaching their potentials. The questions and affirmations are very well structured for easy understanding.

The White Light Oracle Deck dives very deep into the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind of the client
Through each picture, they show their purposes and the representation of their being, how they work and support the person who drew the card

It shows the areas to work on, heal, embrace and recover. It is used for deep readings and it brings positive trigger and assurance that walking the path of clarity and recovery can be achieved with gentleness and guidance like the softness of the images drawn on this deck.

The ShadowScape Tarot Deck offers different images compared to the usual tarot card decks
Through the pictures, they show up the inner child of the client, what makes them tick and what triggers.

This deck also show up at times the emotional state of my client and how to work these emotions in their favor.

The Angel Tarot Deck explains using different angels, gods and words in reference to them what needs to let go of
I love this deck for the fact that it is very straightforward in delivering the light and dark sides of my client so that an informed decision can be made to cut the chase and work on the issue straight away.

It also give reassurance that the client, his/her journey and the heart have been protected, taken care of and well-looked after.

This is the introduction of my cards. Using them, I can easily interpret the channeled messages so that my clients can easily follow and use in their daily lives. 

We are in control of our lives. By setting our minds to embrace changes and putting them into actions, beautiful beginnings will start and blossom in your own good time.

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